ABA Therapy

We Offer In-Home ABA Therapy. An experienced Registered Behavior Technician will come to Your home and implement the Behavior Analysts Intervention Plan created for your child. The behavior plans we create solely focus on teaching your child the necessary skills and replacement behaviors to help them overcome their unique challenges. Some of the main target behaviors that we work on include the following: functional communication skills, daily living skills, potty training, social/emotional skills training, academic help and replacement skills for challenging behaviors. We also educate the parents on various techniques and strategies to implement when we are not around. Parent Participation is THE KEY to ABA intervention success.

ABA Therapy Services

Environments We Work In.

In-Home ABA Therapy
School ABA Therapy
Community ABA TherapyABA Therapy

Skills We Assist With:

  • Reduction of Challenging Behaviors
  • Teaching Appropriate Replacement Behaviors
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Toilet Training
  • Social Skills Training
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Parent Training
  • Compliance and Cooperation Skills
  • Behavior Reduction Reinforcement
  • Verbal Behavior and Communication
  • Play Skills and Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship
  • Teaching Life Skills
  • Natural Environment Teaching
  • Generalization Skills training
  • Community Skills
  • Teacher Training
  • Individualized Education Plan Help (IEP)

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